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  • FAQ

    Do you ship internationally?

    We only ship to addresses in Australia and New Zealand

    What are the criteria for ECOCERT certified products?

    The products subjected to certification must contain at least 95% of ingredients with natural origin.

    The remaining 5% of ingredients are strictly regulated and stand for minerals, organic acids and other substances. These substances are identical to those in the nature, but are produced artificially. At least 95% of plant ingredients (for instance, plant extracts, oils) must be organically certified.

    ECOCERT prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives like parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and other synthetic ingredients. Packaging must be recyclable.

    How can I recognise an ECOCERT certified product?

    A certified product has an ECOCERT symbol clearly placed on the packaging, which allows consumers to recognize a truly natural product among others.

    Are MÁDARA products tested on animals?

    No, MÁDARA products are not tested on animals. Also, none of MÁDARA’s ingredient suppliers test their products on animals.

    Are MÁDARA products gluten-free or nut-free?

    A large number of products in the MÁDARA range are gluten-free and/or nut-free. Please refer to the product descriptions for each of the products on the website, which will detail whether or not a product is either gluten or nut free.

    Are MÁDARA products vegan?

    The vast majority of MÁDARA products are vegan. The Creamy baby oil, Deep Moisture Fluid and TIME MIRACLE Ultimate Facelift day cream contain bees wax. The TIME MIRACLE cellular repair serum contains honey and the Daily Defence Ultra Rich Balm contains lanolin. All other MÁDARA products are vegan.

    Even though MÁDARA use animal based ingredients in these products, there is an important difference between the lanolin and bees wax that MÁDARA use and the ones that are used by other cosmetic producers that do not have certified natural and organic labels. Since MÁDARA is ECOCERT certified, they only use lanolin and bees wax that is produced in a strictly regulated way (controlled by ECOCERT). This means that the sheep farming and beekeeping as well as the way the ingredients are obtained are strictly monitored to ensure that animals are not harmed in anyway.

    Are MÁDARA products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding

    We always recommend taking the packaging (or the ingredients list from our website) into your GP and double check with them prior to use. All of MÁDARA’s products are approved for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.